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We can advise you on options more specifically with a full medical history

Frozen spermatozoon. 3D illustration of the sperm swimming to the ovule on white background. Minimalistic.  Sperm Bank.

Sperm Freezing

Sperm freezing is the most successful method of preserving a man’s fertility so he can try and have children at a later date. It's also used to store sperm so it can be used in someone else's treatment. Find out more about what sperm freezing involves and how long you can store your sperm for.

eggs resting on ice, frozen

Egg Freezing

There are many situations when it may be suitable to store eggs, these may include:

  • when a younger woman wants to preserve her fertility and store eggs while she is still young;
  • when a single woman is at risk of losing her fertility as a result of chemotherapy or other cytotoxic therapy; or
  • if ethical/religious considerations do not permit the storage of embryos.
A Liquid Nitrogen Bank Containing Sperm and Eggs Samples

Embryo Freezing

You can freeze your embryos to use in treatment later on in your life or to donate to someone else.