Why choose CRGW?

We care about the way we care

Why choose us over other clinics?

consistent with national average

Consistently consistent

CRGW consistently maintains success rates in line with national average despite treating many patients that local clinics refuse to treat based on their perceived poor success rates

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Patients before profit

When CRGW opened in 2010. The only private IVF clinic in Wales charged £495 for a consultation.

Nearly a decade on from opening we still charge less than half of that amount. Why are we so cheap you ask? Maybe the question should be why are our competitors so expensive?

car park

Why pay to park?

All CRGW clinics have their own free car parking directly outside each clinic.

No stress of finding a car park. No stress of finding a space. No costly car park fees. No need to grab an umbrella when its raining!


Why get stuck in traffic?

CRGW has located each of its clinics ajacent to motorway exits in stress free convenient locations. No city centre traffic jams. With regular clinic appointments reduce your stress by avoiding traffic and car parks.

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Unprescedented access to your team

CRGW offers unprecendented access to you team at all times.

Are you able to contact your team flexibly?

Sad and thoughtful man after arguing with his girlfriend

We know what its like on your side of the fence

CRGW was set up by directors who also experienced infertility and required treatment.

We know what its like. We designed the clinics knowing what its like. We know what patients need.

Support group

CRGW Support group

CRGW has its own support group which meets at our clinics.

The group provides and extra level of support and we invite guest speakers if group members have topics they would like a meeting to start with.

bump into friend

Maintain confidentiality

Our privately located clinics mean you wont bump into people you know on the busy streets outside city centre clinics which are often surrounded by shops, solictors, estate agents etc.


CRGW Pricing Policy

If you find a comparable treatment option within a 50 mile radius of one of our clinics at a lower cost we will match it


Maintain privacy in the clinic

CRGW has its own individual patient rooms.

At CRGW you are not seperated from the person having treatment next to you by a curtain as you have your own room. As such you when members of the team are discussing your case with you, it is only with you and not being overheard by the patients on the other side of a curtain which is what many clinics have.

So why Choose Us?

  • CRGW is a group of purpose built clnics dedicated to high technical and scientific standards throughout your treatment.
  • CRGW offers unprecedented access to your team at all times
  • We pride ourselves in placing patients before profit to enable affordable, cost effective treatment options
  • You will receive flexible treatment that suits you best, in a safe and caring environment
  • You will receive full support every step of the way with counselling available before, during and after treatment.
  • We constantly monitor all critical equipment such as incubators around the clock
  • CRGW uses only the latest technologies e.g. we are the only clinic in Wales / South West to offer EmbryoScope time lapse imaging to all patients at no extra cost
  • At CRGW patients have their own room during treatment to optimise privacy and confidentiality
  • We offer private, tranquil locations minutes from the motorway is Cardiff, Swansea, Bristol and Plymouth.
  • CRGW has its own private car parks at all clinics

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