Sperm donation – Sperm recipient program

There are several reasons why a patient / couple require treatment with donor sperm. CRGW have treated many patients / couples with donor sperm for for different reasons. These reasons may include:

  • Some men do not produce sperm at all and this inabilty to produce sperm cannot be overcome with medication or surgery
  • There may be a genetic reason in the male for not passing on particular attributes to the next generation.
  • A man may have had a vasectomy or failed vasectomy reversal and wishes not to have surgical sperm retrieval
  • Same sex female couples
  • Single women

In all these circumstances patients / couples decide to use donor sperm which is matched as closely as possible to their chosen physical characteristics.

Patient Information

Importing donor sperm from the European Sperm Bank (ESB)

The European Sperm Bank in Denmark have proven to be informative, helpful and efficient. They have a selection of donor sperm available which is suitable for importation to CRGW. To comply with UK legislation these Danish donors need to complete all the same paperwork and have undergone all the same screening and quarantining procedures as a UK donor.

Like UK donors, the ESB donors are also non-anonymous donors. They agree to their details being held centrally by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority and being made available to any offspring who may request them in the future.

The ESB will also offer our patients six straws for the price of five. Once an ESB donor has been selected and straws purchased, the ESB will contact CRGW to arrange the shipping of the straws. CRGW has had patients purchase sperm in this manner and the process is very efficient and should cause no delay in your treatment.

Please note

All costs incurred (including pregnancy slot, straws and shipping) are settled with the ESB directly. They also operate their own refund policy. Further details are available from the ESB.

CRGW accept no responsibility for any agreements entered into with the ESB.

CRGW is willing to accept sperm from any other clinic / banks which comply with European Tissue banking regulations, and which is eligible for use in the UK. All costs and conditions are settled with the clinic involved and CRGW accepts no responsibility for any agreements entered into.

If you have any queries or would like further information about the sperm donor services CRGW offer, please email the clinic and Lyndon Miles will respond to your questions.

If you are interested in becoming a sperm donor then please click here