Fertility MOT

The CRGW Consultation Package is a comprehensive investigation of both male and female partners, same sex couples or individuals for the most common causes of infertility.

Many couples who have been trying to conceive for some months would like to know quickly if there is a problem that could prevent them from achieving a pregnancy. Some couples may just like to be assured that, with regular sexual intercourse / home insemination etc; it is only a matter of time before they conceive.
What is included?
  • measurement of the AMH hormone level as part of the ovarian reserve assessment to get an indication of how many eggs a women has remaining and the quality of these eggs. This information gives information about both a woman’s spontaneous fertility potential and also her possible response to stimulation with hormones during fertility treatment. In a same sex couple this will be for one of the couple though for an additional cost, both partners can be screened for this
  • an ovarian and uterine ultrasound scan (if a same sex couple, a scan of each partner if the couple wishes)
  • a semen analysis (if required). The sperm sample can be given at any time after a man has abstained from sexual activity for between two to seven days.
  • a consultation with an CRGW fertility specialist to review the test results and discuss future options
  • a pre-treatment follow up appointment
Does this consultation diagnose all causes of infertility?
The fertility MOT is a package to investigate the most common causes of infertility. A fertility specialist will discuss with you other available tests such as HyCosy / HSG testing for open (patent) Fallopian tubes if indicated.
How long does the consultation take?
Our aim is to do everything at the same appointment though the sperm test (if required) and the AMH test can be done in advance if preferred. Sperm samples can be produced at home and brought to CRGW within an hour of production or produced in purpose built private room at CRGW. At the  appointment a fertility specialist will perform an ultrasound scan (2 in a same sex couple if required) and discuss the results of all of the tests with you. Your fertility specialist who will ask questions about your medical history and whether you are currently trying to conceive or have ever had any fertility tests or investigations, have ever been pregnant or have ever had any children.
At the end of the consultation we will either reassure you that there is no indication that you will have trouble conceiving or, alternatively, discuss the implications of any unexpected findings and outline your options, including the possibility of fertility treatment. If the sperm sample has been produced immediately prior to the consultation these results may be available at the consultation or via phone call later that day. If an AMH is taken at the consultation we will call you with a result of the test and what it means in regards to the discussion around a week later.
The results
The results may either identify treatable problems which are preventing pregnancy occurring or they may reassure the couple that they have a good chance of conceiving naturally.
What is the cost?
The cost of the fertility MOT including all tests listed above can be found on our price list page.