Embryo Glue

What is EmbryoGlue       

EmbryoGlue is an implantation promoting transfer medium with a unique combination of hyaluronic acid and recombinant albumin. The addition of a high concentration of hyaluronic acid (HA) in a transfer medium, such as EmbryoGlue, has been shown in some studies to increase live births after IVF according to a newly published meta-analysis from the independent research network Cochrane Collaboration. When using EmbryoGlue for transfer, there was an overall increase of 8% in the live birth rate, compared to a medium with low or no HA. The positive effect was seen regardless of embryo transfer day.

How does is work?

EmbryoGlue contains all nutrients and energy sources needed for an optimal embryo development. It contains a high concentration of implantation promoting hyaluronan, which is the major glycosaminoglycan present in the follicular, oviductal and uterine fluids.. The physiological concentrations in these fluids provide high viscosity environments in the oviduct and uterus. The synthesis of hyaluronan increases dramatically on the day of implantation and decreases to near basal levels by the next day, indicating that it is important for implantation.

Hyaluronan makes the difference

EmbryoGlue has the basic composition of a rich blastocyst culture medium and contains a high concentration of hyaluronan and recombinant human albumin. It can be used for transfer of all embryo developmental stages, including embryos after assisted hatching, biopsy and cryopreservation. The use of EmbryoGlue for embryo transfer has been shown to increase the clinical pregnancy rate and live birth rate.

When is it available at CRGW?

Published evidence in recent years has shown a mixture of studies showing the potential benefit of using EmbryoGlue in some publications versus those showing no difference in pregnancy rates with its use. No studies have shown a negative effect in its use. CRGW has therefore previously used EmbryoGlue only on specific patients who requested its use. At the Fertility 2015 conference in January new data showed benefit of EmbryoGlue when embryos were incubated in it for a defined period of time. The team at CRGW felt this data was robust enough for us to run our own trial. As such it is available with immeadiate effect.

Which patients should have EmbryoGlue?

EmbryoGlue is available to all CRGW patients having fresh or frozen transfer. Patients can elect to not have embryos transferred in EmbryoGlue if they wish.

How much will it cost to use EmbryoGlue?

As with previously introduced technologies at CRGW such as EmbryoScope, there is no additional charge to patients using EmbryoGlue.