Patient testimonials

All patient questionnaires and comments are anonymous. Below are some recent comments from our patients:

"From the day we arranged our appointment we have found the customer service to be exceptional, from the reception staff to the medical team alike"

"Amanda, Jodie and Lorraine were all fantastic at talking us through using the medication and what to expect at the egg collection and embryo transfer, and all genuinely seemed to care about myself and my Husband as individuals. A skill that many companies find difficult to master but I found was never more important than at this time"

"The team at the CRGW clinic demonstrated an exemplary level of customer care and empathy and were always on hand to answer questions and offer reassurance"

"Amanda always made it seem like it was no problem at all to call her (even on a Sunday night) and always finished the call by saying that I should contact her whenever I need anything or have a question"

"We would highly recommend the CRGW clinic to anyone considering IVF or fertility treatments"

"I could not have asked for more, an absolutely fantastic clinic"

"We would not want to go anywhere else... fantastic, professional staff"

"Very refreshing compared to our previous experience. Fantastic facilities, fantastic staff"

"I have rarely experienced a company that displayed so much empathy, commitment to service and a desire to help, than with the team at CRGW"

"The facility is excellent, with state of the art technology. I found it incredibly comforting to be surrounded by such a highly trained and experienced medical team, and this gave me a great deal of confidence in the IVF process at CRGW"

"We have never felt in such safe hands, CRGW were head and shoulders above our previous clinic"

"It felt an extremely personalised service, and at each scan the team genuinely cared about the progress of the pregnancy and it felt like you were on our journey with us"

"Very refreshing compared to our previous experience. Fantastic facilities, fantastic staff"

"thank you so much to everyone at the clinic! Obviously you gave us our long dreamed of result, which is amazing. But we also wanted to thank you for the way you work as a clinic. We arrived quite fraught and slightly traumatised (!) by our experiences at another clinic, where we felt we were never listened to or treated as human beings. It was incredibly empowering to be treated like thinking, feeling adults at CRGW and actually we both felt our stresses melting away through the cycle rather than mounting up, which I'm sure helped. It was just stuff like being recognised when we walked in, being talked to as adults, being listened to, feeling involved in the decisions and the general friendliness of everyone who works there but it made the world of difference"