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CRGW Donor sperm

Availibility of CRGW donors can change on a weekly basis pending treatment outcomes (each donor is allowed to create upto 10 families). Please contact us for up-to-date availability via the form at the bottom of this page. We are constantly recruiting new donors and such donors are released periodically with their 10 family limit intact.

CRGW Pregnancy slots

What is a pregnancy slot?
A sperm donor used in the UK can only have a maximum of 10 families (not just 10 children, but 10 families). So as soon as you reserve the donor sperm, CRGW count that as a pregnancy. So even though you are not pregnant at that time you have a pregnancy slot, and we can only have 10 pregnancy slots per donor in the UK. If for instance you wished to reserve 2 different donors for future treatment (to enable you to use a different donor should you change your mind then you would need to purchase 2 pregnancy slots.A pregnancy slot also ensures that you can continue to use that particular donor's sperm during your treatment, as long as the sperm donor is available. To be sure that the donor is still available for you throughout your treatment as well as for siblings later we recommend that you purchase sperm units before your treatment.

Why have CRGW introduced a pregnancy slot?
Since our sperm bank began in 2010 we have successfully treated many patients with donor sperm but have lost the ability to use some pregnancy slots when patients have become pregnant via treatment with us but have then become uncontactable after pregnancy scans. Since such patients or indeed patients who do not contact us to let us know the result of their pregnancy test do not let us know an outcome we are unable to allow another patient requiring donor sperm treatment to use their pregnancy slot. The payment of a refundable pregnancy slot incentivises patients to inform clinics of outcomes which in turn means that more patients can have donor sperm treatment as pregnancy slots are unlikely to be lost.

Do I get all of my pregnancy slot refunded?
If you do not become pregnant through the sperm donor chosen we refund the cost of the pregnancy slot 100%. For this refund we are required to confirm that:·
- you have not become pregnant through the sperm of the donor·
- that you have no remaining embryos that were created with that donor·
- that you have no remaining reserved sperm vials for that donor

What happens if I wish to change my donor?
If you switch to another CRGW donor, we offer to exchange the pregnancy slot for a pregnancy slot of another available donor free of charge.

Can I give my pregnancy slot to someone else?
A pregnancy slot is for the exclusive use of the purchaser and may not be transferred or resold to others.

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