To mark infertility awareness week in October 2018, CRGW announced yet another first for cost effective IVF treatment options enabling further access to treatment for more couples.

CRGW are so confident in their success rates that we will offer patients requiring a second IVF cycle with us, reduced cost treatment for successive IVF treatment(s). That means that a patient paying £3495 for their first IVF cycle would only pay £3295 should they need a second cycle.

Cycle number Cost
1 £3495
2 £3295
3 £3295

Patients accessing this offer must:

  • have had a failed IVF cycle at CRGW within the last 12 months
  • have a fresh embryo transfer with the best embryo(s) at each cycle unless prevented by medical indication
  • purchase any medication for the treatments (full price and half price) from CRGW

*: ICSI treatment would be an additional £800.