‘Patients before Profit’ is a commitment that remains unchanged since we opened our doors in 2010. This cost commitment to our patients is part of the ethos of the CRGW Quality Policy which states that we will:

•             Strive to offer the most cost efficient treatment options to our patients
As CRGW sets the benchmark for offering cost effective fertility treatments while maintaining the best pregnancy rates in Wales and the South West we announced in July 2014 another first for an IVF clinic.
  1. If you find a comparable treatment option within a 50 mile radius of a CRGW clinic at a lower cost than at CRGW we will match it. If you would like to request a pricing match to another clinic please email the details of the treatment you are pursuing at ask an expert.
  2. If you find a pharmacy for fertility medication that charges less than us we will also price match (UK independent pharmacies only and ASDA, Boots or Superdrug).
To enable us to do this as quickly as possible, please ensure that you supply us with the details of the treatment you are pursuing, the clinic it is being offered at, the cost of the treatment and any other comments you may have. Likewise if you want a medication price match please contact us at finance@crgw.co.uk.
Alternatively call the clinic on 01443 443999 and the details will be passed onto the finance team who will respond to you.