We at CRGW believe that patients must get access to all their treatments AND medication needs at a fair price. We therefore offer a price promise guarantee against Asda, Boots, Superdrug or any other independent pharmacist. See our price promise guarantee link for details price match promise.

Cetrotide 0.25mg £27
Clexane 20mg £2.50
Clexane 40mg £4
Clomid 50mg tablet £1
Cyclogest 400mg pessary (for 15) £14
Doxycycline 8 tablets £2
Elleste (Oestrodiol) 2mg x 84 tablets £8
Evorel 100mg patch £1.25
Fostimon 75 IU £27.90
Fostimon 150 IU £55.80
Fyremadel 0.25mg £27
Gonasi 5000iu £22
Inhixa 40mg £4
Lubion 25mg vial £8
Menopur 1200 IU £288
Menopur 600 IU £144
Menopur 75 IU £18
Meriofert 75iu £27.90
Meriofert 150iu £55.80
Metformin 500mg x 28 tabs £4.40
Norethisterone 30 tablets £4.50
Oestridiol 2mg x84 tablet pack (e.g. Progynova/Elleste) £8
Ovaleap 300iu £94
Ovaleap 450iu £141
Ovaleap 900iu £282
Ovitrelle 6500 IU £38
Prednisolone 5mg x 28 £5
Suprecur 5.5ml £20
Testogel pump 88g £40
Utrogestan 200mg x 21 box £22

We regret that medication cannot be lent to patients during their treatment and must be paid for on the day that it is requested ready for order. CRGW are unable to take back any unused or unopened medicines from patients.

Delivery / admin charges when required are: £55 for first delivery and £45 for subsequent delivery.

Medication costs above are those via our delivery company Stork. To purchase these drugs directly from CRGW would incur a 10% increase in charge.