Refund packages must be decided at the start of initial treatment. Patients cannot opt into a refund packages following their first cycle (and therefore retrospectively use that cycle as the first cycle in the refund package). Patients can purchase a single cycle and then purchase a refund package later separately for further cycles if they meet criteria.

All cycle packages must be completed within 1 year of purchase.

All packages are considered fulfilled after a live birth or the cycles being completed in the package chosen.

If you do not have a live birth by the end of the treatment package we will return 50% of your initial payment.

Refund package

Choice of 3 cycle with 50% refund or 2 cycle with 50% refund

Example of 3 cycle with 50% refund package:
·All ultrasound assessments during treatment
·Up to 3 ultra-sound- guided egg collections

·Up to 3 blastocyst cultures (where possible)
·Up to 3 Assisted hatching (where possible)
·Up to 3 EmbryoScope (time lapse embryo development monitoring)
·Up to 3 fresh embryo transfers with embryoglue
·Embryo vitrification/freezing and one year’s storage (where applicable)
·2 pregnancy scans (6 and 8 weeks) of follow up appointment
·Up to 3 HFEA licence fees
·One counselling session
·Up to 3 sedations for egg collection procedure
·Screening blood tests (HIV 1 and 2, Hepatitis B surface antigen, Hepatitis B core antibodies, Hepatitis C for both partners if required)
·Unlimited frozen embryo transfers

This cost includes the HFEA licence fee, Anaesthetist/Sedation fee and Pre-treatment Virology Screening

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Additional Charges

· Medication for stimulation (varies according to age, AMH, and previous response to stimulation). Medication for refund packages must be purchased from CRGW
· Embryo ‘freeze all’. When it is necessary to freeze all embryos whether this is based on medical advice or patient choice a £200 charge will be applied to your cycle.

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