·All ultrasound assessments during treatment
·EmbryoScope time-lapse embryo development monitoring
·Ultra-sound- guided egg collection
·ICSI (if required)
·Medication: Up to 900iu Gonal-F or Menopur, Suprecur 5.5mls or Orgalutron 0.25mgx7, Ovitrelle 6,500iu, progesterone pessaries (up to 7 weeks of pregnancy)
·Blastocyst culture (where possible)
·Assisted hatching (where possible)
·Embryo transfer with EmbryoGlue
·Embryo vitrification/freezing and one year’s storage (where applicable)
·2 pregnancy scans (6 and 8 weeks) of follow up appointment
·HFEA licence fee
·One counselling session
·Sedation for egg collection procedure
·Screening blood tests (HIV 1 and 2, Hepatitis B surface antigen, Hepatitis B core antibodies, Hepatitis C for both partners if required)This cost includes the HFEA licence fee, Anaesthetist/ Sedation fee and Pre-treatment Virology Screening



Additional Charges

·Gonal F, Menopur or Orgalutron above the included dosage (see above) will incur added costs
·In the event of a fresh embryo transfer not proceeding and a ‘freeze all’ is necessary whether this is based on medical advice or patient choice a £200 charge will be applied to your cycle