If a treatment cycle is cancelled after the start of stimulation, one of the following fees would be due in order to carry over the treatment cost to a new cycle (this fee will cover the cost of treatment planning, ultrasound scans and virology blood tests already undertaken:

IVF / ICSI cycle cancelled prior to egg collection £400
IUI cycle cancelled prior to IUI being undertaken £200
FET cycle cancelled prior to embryos being thawed £200
Egg share donor cancelled prior to egg collection £200
Change in batch number for Frozen Embryo Transfer/IUI/IVF/ICSI (Plymouth only) prior to any scans £200


Occasionally treatment cycles have to be cancelled due to a variety of reasons. If this occurs the refund due will be as follows:

IVF converted to IUI Refund dependant on package purchased
No embryo transfer due to no eggs collected or failed fertilisation (IVF or ICSI) £250
Cancelled FET No embryo transfer (failed thaw) £200