CRGW Bristol Open Day

Saturday February 2nd

You are on our list

Thank you for contacting CRGW. We confirm that your name (+1 should you wish to bring someone with you) has been added to the free consultation / free sperm test open day on Saturday February 2nd.

Details / instructions for your free consultation / free sperm test can be found below. For directions to the clinic please click on the map below. Cc’d into your email response were admin staff who maintain the open evening attendees list.

One of the admin team will contact you 48 hours before the open evening to confirm your attendance to allow for people on the waiting list to take your place in the event of your inability to attend.

Please note: This open evening is at our Bristol facility located adjacent to the M4/M5 intersection (J16 M5) and not at our Cardiff or Swansea clinics.


Don’t hesitate to ask us something. Email us directly at via ask an expert or call us on 01443 443 999. 


  • You will be sent an appointment time for your free consultation and or free sperm test.
  • The consultation will be for 30 minutes. If you arrival to the clinic is late we will be able to see you for the remainder of the time allocated to you to prevent delaying all following appointments. If for instance you have a 10:30 appointment and do not arrive at the clinic until 10:45 then we will only be able to see you for 15 minutes to be fair on all patients due to be seen after you.
  • If you wish to have a free sperm test also we recommend bringing a sample with you to your appointment. Instructions for sample production and obtaining a pot can be found here.
  • If you prefer to produce a sample in our designated room at the clinic we will send you a time that you will need to arrive to do this. We aim to be able to give the results of your sperm test to you while you are in the clinic but depending on the time of sample production, this may be given to you later in the day over the telephone.


Don’t hestiate to ask us something. Email us directly at via ask an expert or call us on 01443 443 999. 


01174 409 999 01443 443 999

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