Affordable IVF £2995

Patients before profit

What is IVF lite?

IVF lite is an IVF cycle with a single standard cost that does not fluctuate based on variations in costs of medication which can differ with standard (conventional IVF). As with all CRGW treatments there are no hidden extra's.

Am I eligable for the £2995 treatment package? 

You are if:

you are less than 40
your BMI is less than 32
you have a good ovarian reserve

What does the £2995 include?

Our IVF lite package includes:

Doctor led clinical advice
Pre treatment blood tests
Monitoring scans and blood tests
Stimulation medication for 10 days
Counselling session
Egg collection and sedation
Timelapse imaging of developing embryos
Fresh embryo transfer and use of EmbryoGlue
Pregnancy test
Pregnancy scan at 6-7 weeks gestation
Luteal support medication up to pregnancy test date
Freezing of any excess embryos

Are there any cancellation fees or additional fees?

Cancellation fees for IVF lite

If cancelled before egg collection:

£100 per scan (up to a maximum of £500)
£500 charge to cover medications taken

Additional fees for IVF lite

£500 If all embryos are frozen (no fresh embryo transfer).
HFEA fee £85.
The resulting frozen embryo transfer will be carried over to a new cycle, but the medication for the subsequent frozen embryo transfer cycle is additional.

If ICSI is required this is an extra £1000. If IVF/ICSI split is required this is an extra £500.

Additional bloods or medication may become necessary during your cycle and an additional fee will apply. You will be advised if/when this becomes necessary.

I have seen IVF lite packages elsewhere. Are they all the same?

Compare our costs with other clinics and specifically if the list of what is included in the £2995 (see list above) is the same at all clinics. If you have questions please ask a questions above.

I have a question. Where can I ask this?