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CRGW periodically offer free semen analysis days / evenings at our Cardiff, Bristol and Swansea clinics. If you wish to have a sperm test on one of these days please complete the form at the bottom of this page. Once all appointment slots are filled on a given date, any further requests for testing will be deferred to a later date.

Due to limited appointment slots at free semen analysis days / evenings, these appointments are not for NHS semen analysis referrals or post vasectomy screening tests which we perform at other times throughout the week. Results for these tests will be given to you over the phone on the same day as the analysis but printed / emailed results forms will not be available.

What is the process for a free sperm test days at Cardiff, Bristol or Swansea?

  1. Obtain a sterile specimen pot with which to deliver your sperm sample to us. These can often be collected for free from your GP. Alternatively chemists and pharmacies often sell them for less than £1. Urine sample pots are fine though wide necked sample pots are more easily used.  Specimen pots can also be sourced online from places such as eBay and Amazon via the following links links (click on the respective photo):

2. Print the following form. This form needs to be completed to the best of your knowledge before delivering the sample to CRGW.

3. When producing the sperm sample you must abstain from sexual activity for 2-7 days i.e. no less than 2 days and no more than 7 days. Producing a sample outside of this time recommendation may lead a suboptimal result and would lead to the requirement of a repeat test.

4. The sample pot has to be labelled with your name and date of birth. Failure to do this will result in the lab being unable to analyse the sperm sample.

5. Once the sample has been produced it should be tight capped placed into an envelope with the completed form (printed via point 2 above) and delivered to CRGW within 60 minutes of production. As you will already have an appointment slot and will have completed the form, delivery of the sample should be quick and seamless for you unless you have questions upon arrival.

6. There will be a delivery time window of several hours during which you are welcome to deliver the sample at any point.

7. The sample will be analysed soon after delivery

8. You will be telephoned the same day or the next working day with your results. The results will be put into context in terms of us telling you for instance what your sperm count should be and what it actually is. We will conclude by telling you whether your sample parameters are normal or suboptimal. If the sample is suboptimal we will advise as to your next logical steps which may include a repeat test, the suggestion of required treatment or perhaps a blood test if sperm is not present.

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