Donor egg treatments

CRGW has several sources of donor eggs. These include:

  • Sourcing you own donor: Using a family member or friend
  • Sourcing your own donor: Via the donor conception network or via social media
  • Being a recipient of an 'altruistic' egg donor who wishes to donate her eggs
  • Being a recipient of an egg sharer who is donating half of her eggs in return for free treatment
  • Being a recipient of frozen eggs from eggs donated from an egg sharer
  • Being a recipient of imported frozen eggs
  • Having treatment with CRGW in conjunction with Instituto Bernabeu and IVI Valencia who have partnered with CRGW for many years.

The availability of the options above can change from month to month and depend on the number of recipients seeking donor eggs and also on changes in regulation and law.

We will be able to discuss your specific chances of success having taken a medical history.

For more information please call the clinic on 01443 443999 or email the team:

There is an acute shortage of egg donors and many couples wait for several years to benefit from donated eggs. Some couples are fortunate enough to have friends and family willing to donate eggs as a "known donor". However most are not so fortunate and thus they are likely to be 'in the queue' waiting for sufficient anonymous donors to volunteer their eggs. A need for egg donation may arise for a number of reasons.

It is strongly recommended that both couples and donors in egg donation schemes undergo extensive counselling prior to commencing, as many issues need to be considered

Egg Donation through CRGW and Instituto Bernabau / IVI Valencia

Patients who require donated eggs often spend a lengthy time on waiting lists.

In an effort to provide patients with as many options as possible, CRGW has established links with Instituto Bernabeu and IVI Valencia. These state of the art facilities in Spain have very active programs with virtually no waiting list.

The arrangement we have in place with them means that if any patients decide to seek treatment in Spain, all the initial stages (consultation, screening tests and cycle monitoring) of your treatment cycle could still take place here at CRGW. Meaning patients would only need to travel to Spain twice; firstly for completing consents and freezing of a sperm sample and then the second visit would be for embryo transfer. Because of the different regulatory regime in Spain, clinics are able to provide financial compensation to their egg donors. This in turn means they have many more donors coming forward. These donors undergo the same rigorous screening as in the UK.

If you require any further information, including up to date information treatment costs or wish to make an appointment please contact the clinic on 01443 443999.

Further Information

Some factsheets and information are available via the HFEA:

Using donated eggs, sperm or embryos in your treatment