CRGW Quality Policy

The CRGW team believe in providing the highest quality of treatment and care for our patients, donors, staff and any gametes or embryos under our supervision. Our investigations and treatments will be as researched based and as evidenced as possible. We offer a caring, sensitive, inclusive approach within a dedicated team while understanding the anxieties and concerns of our patients. We appreciate the nature and problems of infertility and its treatment physically, emotionally and financially.

We will endeavour to achieve this by:

· Listening to our service users and staff and providing a service that meets the requirements and needs of these groups.
· Meeting the requirements of the HFEA Standards, the HFEA Act 2008, the HFEA Code of Practice 8th edition and related legislation.
· Monitoring the effectiveness of procedures, equipment and working practice to ensure continual improvement of the quality management system. Continually improving the way the service is delivered, ensuring consistency throughout.
· Providing good, evidence based professional practice.
· Maintaining the highest possible standards of health, safety and welfare for patients, staff, visitors to the centre and to gametes or embryos in our care.
· Constantly monitoring and employing emerging treatments, technologies and equipment to the benefit of our patients and their gametes and embryos.
· Continuously training and developing our staff.
· Work with suppliers to achieve the best for our patients.
· Striving to offer the most cost efficient treatment options to our patients.