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Role Head of nursing

Main purpose: The Head Nurse is responsible for delivering and maintaining the highest standard of patient care in accordance with HF&E Act 2008 and the current HFEA Code of Practice. The post holder will coordinate all aspects of the nursing service and be an effective member of the Clinic Management Team.

Key responsibilities and duties

Planning and organizing

To be a member of the Management Team and thereby actively participate in strategy development and decisions about resource allocation and organisational development.
To oversee and coordinate patient throughput between the clinic and its satellite services.
To ensure all treatments covered by the HFEA license and other regulatory requirements are in full compliance with those requirements.
To ensure adequate staffing and competence in the nursing area.
To ensure optimal staffing allocation within the given financial framework, and to develop work rotas accordingly.
To follow the developments in the field of nursing services and to identify opportunities for improvement.
To manage the nursing area resources, including staff, with a view to achieving the clinic’s objectives, and to ensure cost-effective work practices.

Operations management, compliance management, customer service and support

To assist patient management and service delivery by providing advice from a nursing perspective.
To develop and maintain systems and processes which ensure that the patients’ experience of the clinic is as good as possible. This involves the patients’ sense of care, control, value and cost in a broad sense.
To manage situations in the nursing area not covered by standard operating procedures.
To contribute to the holistic approach to patient care that the clinic endeavours to provide.
To ensure that all procedures undertaken in the nursing area are conducted and documented in accordance with the clinic’s QMS as well as the HFEA Code of Practice and other regulatory requirements.
To supervise the work in the nursing area and make sure that it is conducted in accordance with regulatory and clinic requirements as well as best practice.
To take part in the rota of duties and to ensure cover in the nursing area in all clinics.
To ensure that all actions and interactions with patients involving nursing are documented according to regulatory and clinic requirements.
To ensure adequate maintenance and provision of suitable equipment in the nursing area.
To ensure that patients are adequately informed about treatment options, treatment outcomes and implications.
To ensure that patients give informed consent as required by regulatory bodies

Analysis and reporting

To ensure that clinical documentation and record keeping meet regulatory requirements as well as clinic needs.
To ensure that record keeping and data collection and reporting within the nursing area can support the general clinic strategy.
To generate statistics for performance monitoring and report them as appropriate.
To regularly assess available statistics and clinical information in order to identify opportunities to improve the nursing services of the clinic.


To ensure that information to colleagues, patients, and the general public is accurate and appropriate within the area of responsibility.
To liaise with professional bodies which regulate nurses to ensure that clinic staff meet or exceed professional standards.
To actively participate in the work of relevant professional bodies which regulate and set standards in nursing.
To build and maintain professional networks in order to assist recruitment and to develop a broad knowledge of developments in the assisted reproduction field.
To build good relationships with suppliers in order to ensure good service and to facilitate participation in trials.
To actively assist in marketing efforts.

Research, continuous improvement and quality management

To be involved in the planning, review, execution and reporting of research projects involving the nursing area and to ascertain regulatory compliance.
To identify research and development opportunities in nursing area.
To develop and maintain standard operating procedures and new protocols as practices and technology develops.
To work with the Quality Manager to ensure that the clinic’s Quality Management System is updated in the nursing area.

People management

To participate in the recruitment of staff.
To performance manage staff in the nursing area (includes appraisals).
To ensure that tasks are assigned to competent staff.
To ensure that nursing staff members are current with regard to practices and knowledge by providing opportunities for CPD.
To ensure that nursing get appropriate training in all relevant aspects of assisted conception so that the clinic can develop its services and exploit opportunities.

Supervision and training

To participate in teaching, training and supervision of fertility nurses, students and trainees.
To carry out annual appraisals and coordinate staff training.
To actively participate in Patient Information Evenings and to ensure other members of the nursing/sonography team are trained to participate in these sessions.

The above will be reviewed as required, in consultation with the post holder. It is offered as a guide to the key responsibilities and duties, but does not preclude other issues that may arise between reviews of performance and review of the job description.


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