Flawless HIW Inspection Report

A Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW) team completed a routine announced inspection of CRGW, on 5 December 2018. The ensuing report was published this week on 6th March. HIW explored how the service at CRGW complied with the Care Standards Act 2000, requirements of the Independent Health Care (Wales) Regulations 2011 and met the National Minimum

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Fertility Nurse Post Available

Due to an increase in activity at CRGW we are recruiting for either a part time or full time fertility nurse to run our new satellite clinic in Swansea. This role will enhance our existing multidisciplinary team at CRGW, to provide excellent patient centred care for individuals and couples in all aspects of fertility treatment.

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Brexit and IVF

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Brexit and IVF?? If you are like me you are tired of hearing the daily updates on Brexit. Its everywhere we look, the internet, smart phone alerts, TV and radio. Can Brexit be meddling with IVF too? As a clinic CRGW have had to consider arrangements in the (relatively

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Latest pregnancy results

Our latest result for donor sperm insemination and frozen embryo transfer were updated by the HFEA on 15.11.18 and we are delighted to share these with you to highlight the hard work and dedication of the team. The results are of the format ‘pregnancy rate per cycle’. Frozen embryo transfer (FET): Donor sperm insemination (DIUI):

Half price IVF. CRGW making more families.

To mark infertility awareness week in October 2018, CRGW announced yet another first for cost effective IVF treatment options enabling further access to treatment for more couples. CRGW are so confident of their success rates that we will offer patients requiring a second IVF cycle with us, half price treatment for successive IVF treatment(s). That

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Sperm… What happens after the hatch?

And they’re off! So what actually happens after the ‘hatch’? I’ve seen many, many men’s rooms. It’s one of those things as an embryologist I’m always curious about when visiting colleagues in their own clinics. No two are alike. Many clinics will have their own idea of how the ‘men’s room’ should be configured. Over

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Sperm Donation. Become a hero. Give the gift of family.

Inside every hero there are millions more Every year, around 13,500 fertility treatments in the UK use donated sperm or eggs. Some people will always have known that they’ll need a donor to have a family. For others, finding out they need a donor can be a real shock. Who needs donor sperm? A person or couple will need

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