Are your embryos grown in EmbryoScope?

If not, why not?

Newly released data has has compared UK centres with at least one EmbryoScope to centres without an EmbryoScope. The data reveals an implantation rate (IR) in UK centres with an EmbryoScope as 38.3% compared to 30.5%  in centres without an EmbryoScope. Implantation rate is defined as the number of gestational sacs observed at the 6 weeks pregnancy scan divided by the number of embryos that were transferred. The ‘uplift’ in IR of around 8% is similar to that reported in many of the published papers on the subject.

All patients having IVF or ICSI treatment at CRGW have their embryos grown and monitored in EmbryoScope and unlike other clinics we do not charge extra for it and were the first in the UK to do so. If the technology has been shown the improve patients success rates why should this be an additional charge rather than standard practice?

Maximise your chances of success by ensuring your embryos are grown in EmbryoScope. 

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