Alternative Parenting

Here at CRGW we are passionate in our belief that everyone deserves the chance to become a parent. To that end we can offer a number of services for single women and members of the LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex) community.

Donor Sperm

We can provide donor sperm from our own donors (when available) or from external banks both in Scandinavia and the USA. We provide a personalised hand holding service and our donor sperm coordinator will support you while choosing a donor.

Egg Sharing

Many lesbian women choose to take part in our egg sharing scheme. This is where a patient receiving treatment with us anonymously donates half of her eggs to another recipient in exchange for free IVF. As well as being a help financially, many couples feel that as they themselves require assistance in conceiving, they would like to help others in the same position. You will need to be under 35 years of age in order to become a donor.

Partner Donation

One of the most popular forms of donation for lesbian women at CRGW is partner donation. This is where one partner donates her eggs for the other partner to carry the embryos. This can either be self funded or part of our egg share programme. You can choose a sperm donor either from our internal sperm bank or we can import it from other banks that we collaborate with.

Gay Men

There are now a number of ways that gay men can become fathers. Surrogacy treatment has become increasingly popular. This can involve using the surrogate’s own eggs or donated eggs. For more information on any of the above options feel free to contact us on 01443 443999.

Improving Alternative Parenting

At CRGW we are continually thinking about the ways to develop and improve our service, both in terms of a continual quest to drive up success rates and to improve the experience of those using our services. We would be interested in any constructive feedback from members of the LGBTI community which would help us in this aim. Lesbians have probably been the most frequent users of fertility services over the last decade, and as such we are currently undertaking some research to draw on their experiences. To find out more please visit our Fair and Positive Treatment page.