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From our journey to yours; why at CRGW we truly care.

Having experienced infertility ourselves, CRGW was set up with one core purpose.To make fertility treatments available ,accessible and affordable for all.

We did not see infertility (and hence)  treatment as a lifestyle  choice between those who had the means to create a family,and those who did not.We say it as a basic human right, that every patient should atleast have the opportunity to achieve a family.

Having expereienced numerous failed IVF  treatment cycles previously we reflected back on our own personal journey.

Being financially priveleged the costs of treatment never really came into the equation in our personal journey.Sadly,however this is not true for the majority of the patients we now see.

We therefore embarked on the daunting journey (with no business experience experience between us) to set up our 1st clinic in Cardiff.Our sole purpose to offer the most cost effective fertility treatments  available and make the dreams of so many of you out there come true.

We have no shareholders,venture capitalists or private equity  who have a vested interest to maximise profits for the company.Our sole purpose is to make the dreams of so many you out there come true, like our dreams did for us.

11 years and 5 clinics later  CRGW continues its journey, where we seek out the best and most cost effective treatments to help the thousands who need our help each year.

Whilst you start your fertility journey,CRGW continues its journey to enable more patients each year to access fertility treatment. 

At CRGW, we care about the way we care.



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