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Thursday 12th June 2014

Embryoscope: Pubished evidence shows your embryos should not be grown elsewhere!

Published medical evidence shows that culturing and selecting embryos in EmbryoScope significantly improves the probability of clinical pregnancy by 20.1% per oocyte retrieval and 15.7% per embryo transfer. The elevated clinical pregnancy rate is attributed to a combination of stable culture conditions that EmbryoScope offers over conventional incubators and the additional use of time lapse morphokinetic parameters for embryo selection. Why would you want your embryos grown elsewhere?

CRGW have been growing embryos in EmbryoScope since the start of 2013. Due to the increase in pregnancies from its introduction, from March 1st 2014 all patients embryos are cultured in one of our EmbryoScopes at no additional charge to patients.

To read the full published medical paper please click the following link: