Fertilisation to day 5 ICSI

CRGW were the first clinic in Wales and the South West, and amongst the first clinics in the UK to offer a revolutionary new technique called 'EmbryoScope Imaging'. This equipment records images of embryos every 15 minutes. Embryos are programmed to divide at set time intervals and the timing of these divisions has been shown to be of high clinical value to optimise IVF outcomes. Time lapse videos of your embryos will enable our embryologists to enhance embryo selection for transfer by studying these timelines of cell division. This novel and unique application has shown to have a vast improvement in pregnancy rates as patterns of embryo development can be monitored to select the most viable embryos from a group. Recent reports emerging about the use of this technology is very promising and can also be used to reduce the number of embryos to transfer in order to minimise the risks of multiple pregnancy. To watch an EmbryoScope time-lapse imaging video of an embryo grown at CRGW please click on the video below. To read more about EmbryoScope please click here


How to prepare your Menopur® injections