Semen Analysis for NHS Patients

Semen Analysis

To make an appointment patients should call CRGW on 01443 443987 during normal office hours. Patients should deliver sperm samples to the clinic within one hour of production. Sample pots should be clearly labelled with name, date of birth and address. If illegible we will not be able to perform the test and this may delay results. A completed pathology form must accompany your sample. It is important that prior to producing the sperm sample you have abstained from sexual activity for between two and seven days. If abstinence is outside of the 2-7 day limit it may lead to misleading results of the test.

Post Vasectomy Screening

Samples should be delivered to the pathology reception in Royal Glamorgan Hospital between 9am and 1pm Monday to Thursday. Results will be mailed to your GP / Consultant. Your GP / Consultant will also be able to access your results via the electronic web browser.