Refund programme

CRGW announce another first for Wales!

CRGW are aware that a number of clinics are now offering a refund programme which guarantees you a baby after receiving upto 3 cycles of treatment (including frozen embryo transfers) or a 70% refund.

The reality of these programmes is that patients are selectively chosen for acceptance into the programme according to age (<38), AMH hormone level, BMI, previous treatments, previous pregnancies, cause of infertility etc. and are patients who are most likely to become pregnant on their first attempt. Such patients are effectively paying upto 4 times the price of a single IVF cycle.

Despite this, patients who still wish to pursue such a refund programme and have been accepted as such can still choose to have their treatment here at CRGW.

CRGW are so confident in our pregnancy rates and pricing policies that we will not only match this offer but will give an 80% refund to patients who have been accepted into a refund programme and who do not have a baby by the end of the three treatment (including frozen transfers) package at CRGW. This would be without the need for the intervention from a non-clinic third party.

Patients simply need to supply documented evidence of acceptance onto such a refund programme to be eligible for treatment and an 80% refund if by the end of treatment you have not had a baby.

Should you wish to receive treatment at CRGW as part of a refund programme please email us.  

CRGW, patients before profit.

Refund package FAQ's