Free consultations / EmbryoScope at CRGW

At CRGW our ethos is to put patients before profit. We continually strive to offer patients the most cost effective treatment options while maintaining the highest level of treatment options and success rates. As part of our cost effective service we offer free consultations to various groups of patients.

A high volume of patients who have contacted us to enquire about the cost of a consultation having had a previous consultation elsewhere. In response to this we have now extended our free consultations to include:

  • *Patients who have had a consultation at another private clinic in the last 6 months who wish to pursue treatment at CRGW
  • *Patients who have had failed treatment at another private clinic in the last 6 months who wish to pursue treatment at CRGW

*Patients having had a previous private consultation / treatment elsewhere will be required to provide a receipt, invoice or letter from their previous clinic as proof of consultation / treatment. 

Free EmbryoScope time-lapse imaging at CRGW

CRGW were the first clinic in Wales and the South West, and amongst the first clinics in the UK to offer a revolutionary new technique called 'EmbryoScope Imaging' in early 2013. A year on and EmbryoScope babies are being brought into CRGW by proud parents. The team at CRGW are convinced that EmbryoScope is the gold standard to protect and select your embryos. Worldwide, medical publications are showing that the future of IVF is the encorporation of EmbryoScope time-lapse imaging with the Worlds best clinics all employing the technology. As such, if EmbryoScope is the best way to look after your embryos and the best way to select those embryos most likely to produce a baby then all patients embryos should be in EmbryoScope which is exactly what CRGW offer from March 1st 2014. All embryos cultured in EmbryoScope and at no additional cost. There are currently only 2 clinics in the whole of the UK offering this. 

What have we learnt since introducing EmbryoScope at CRGW?

Having EmbryoScope time lapse imaging has changed the way we perceive embryos to grow since we now see every part of development rather than just the snap shots seen in 'conventional' embryo assessments. This has helped greatly in selecting embryos with the best chance of implanting. All of this without having to interrupt the embryos even once as they grow.

What questions does using EmbryoScope at CRGW raise?

  • If the field of reproductive medicine now believes EmbryoScope to be the gold standard in embryo time-lapse development, why isn't every clinic using it?
  • In clinics who do use EmbryoScope, why is the technology being offered as a choice over conventional treatment when evidence suggests it to be superior? Does this not suggest by not having EmbryoScope you are potentially receiving second best?
  • If EmbryoScope time-lapse imaging is the gold standard why shouldn't all patients receive it?
  • Why should patients be charged upto £850 extra for Embryoscope if this is the best chance of them getting pregnant? It should be routine practise and as such without an additional charge, surely?

What makes EmbryoScope Unique?

Embryoscope is the only time lapse embryo incubator that maintains your embryos in an environment that never changes. Non-EmbryoScope time lapse incubators allow your embryos to be exposed to a changing environment since they require the incubator door to be opened several times a day exposing your embryos to changes in temperature and pH both of which can have a negative effect on the way your embryos grow. Patients seeking the benefits of time lapse imaging for their embryos should insist on the best imaging incubator – EmbryoScope. 

This equipment records images of embryos every 15 minutes giving us up to 60,000 images of each embryo by the time of embryo transfer compared to 3 images as seen in standard IVF culture. Embryos are programmed to divide at set time intervals and the timing of these divisions has been shown to be of high clinical value to optimise IVF outcomes. Time lapse videos of your embryos will enable our embryologists to enhance embryo selection for transfer by studying these timelines of cell division. This novel and unique application has shown to have a vast improvement in pregnancy rates as patterns of embryo development can be monitored to select the most viable embryos from a group. Recent reports emerging about the use of this technology is very promising and can also be used to reduce the number of embryos to transfer in order to minimise the risks of multiple pregnancy. To read more about EmbryoScope please click here. To watch an EmbryoScope time-lapse imaging video of an embryo grown at CRGW please click here.