Free consultations

At CRGW our ethos is to put patients before profit. We continually strive to offer patients the most cost effective treatment options while maintaining the highest level of treatment options and success rates. As part of our cost effective service we offer free consultations to various groups of patients.

  • Patients who have had a private consultation at another clinic in the last 6 months who wish to pursue treatment at CRGW
  • Patients who have had failed treatment at another private clinic in the last 12 months who wish to pursue treatment at CRGW

Patients having had a previous private consultation / treatment elsewhere will be required to provide a receipt, invoice or letter from their previous clinic as proof of consultation / treatment. Free consultations do not include semen analysis or pelvic ultrasound scans.

When booking for consultation you will be required to pay for consultation at the time of booking. This payment will then be refunded to you at consultation when evidence of previous private consultation / treatment is provided to us. Cancellations / reschedules may be made up to 48 hours ahead of consultation. Any cancellation less than 48 hours prior to consultation or failing to present at the time of consultation will incur the full cost of consultation.