Education of Treatment Providers

We are undertaking research to evaluate how lesbians have been treated in the past and how they expect to be treated. The results obtained will form the basis of research papers and/or presentations which will help to inform fertility practitioners.
In the meantime we will be seeking to publish papers and/or give presentations to inform practitioners about:
• The legal obligations of clinics in the treatment of lesbians
• Heterosexism and homophobia
• How these impact on lesbians in their lives
• How clinics can avoid being homophobic/heterosexist
• How to “think outside the box” rather than “try to fit square peg in a round hole”: seeing the unique possibilities when treating two women rather than just attempting to fit lesbians into a heterosexual model of treatment.

Towards this aim, we have published a review in Human Fertility to raise awareness amongst UK Fertility Professionals regarding Lesbian Fertility Treatment, and make available some relevant data obtained under a Freedom of Information request to the HFEA.                                

The abstract of the published paper is below. If you have questions please click on the link below where you can ask the author, Dr Helen Priddle directly.