CRGW Bristol

Since CRGW opened in 2010 just fifteen minutes from central Cardiff, we have treated many patients who have travelled to us from Bristol and the South West of England to take advantage of the our high success rates, cost efficiency and state of the art equipment and techniques.

To cater for the growing trend in patients seeking treatment with us from England, CRGW opened our own standalone facility in Bristol, less than an hour from our Cardiff clinic allowing patients to be seen locally and more easily access our services.

Where are we based in Bristol?

The address for patients to attend clinic appointments is:
CRGW Bristol
10 Apex court,
Bradley Stoke,
BS32 4JT
Tel No: 01174 409 999
Fax: 01443 445 869

What is included in my initial consultation package?
The initial consultation fee of £150 will include:
  • A pelvic ultrasound to assess the ovaries and fallopian tubes 
  • A 1 hour fertility consultation with a Consultant Gynaecologist
  • A semen analysis if needed (the sample has to be brought to CRGW prior to treatment for assessment) 

How can we arrange a consultation?

Please call us on 01443 443999 and request a Bristol Initial Consultation. Appointments have to be paid in full in advance when making the booking.

We have heard about CRGW's pricing policy. Could you tell us more?

If you find a comparable treatment option within a 50 mile radius of CRGW at a lower cost than at CRGW we will match it. To read more, see our pricing policy web page.

How do I find out more information?

For more information please contact the clinic on 01443 443999 or email a question to the team by clicking here. We also hold monthly open evenings which are a great way to learn about diagnosis and treatments as the team give talks on all options. you then have an opportunity to meet the team and ask questions one-on-one.